How 2 Home Business

A practical, strait forward, easy to understand, common sense, home based business plan. Very clear step by step instructions for getting started in a still new, yet already huge, field. This is a successful and proven formula that contains all the information you will need to get well established in a booming home based field of business. No selling, no pyramids, no inventory, no distribution, no overhead, no phone calls, no employees, no risk,... no kidding!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How 2 Home Business

Is working from home something that interests you? Would the ability to support your family, be your own boss, make your own schedule, and do it all from the comfort of your own house, be a change you would welcome with open arms?... Well, it sure was for me!

I'm a 38 year old husband and father of two. Most of my adult life I've worked in construction. I didn't, so much, choose that line of work. It was more like I just, kinda fell into it. I wasn't complaining though. It was decent money, and although physically demanding and seldom rewarding, it was putting bread on the table. Truth is, I'd probably still be doing it today had my son not been born.

When my son came into the world everything changed for us. We love him so much, and he has enriched our lives beyond words. However; He is a "special needs" child. My wife and I were unprepared for the demands this would place on us. Finding a way to work from home seemed the only path that could both meet our needs and, at the same time, allow us to keep our piece-of-mind regarding the care of our son.

I spent the next two years trying one idea after another, as we fell further and further into debt. I had almost reached my breaking-point when I bumped into a old high school friend I hadn't seen in 15 years or more. There was a short line in front of us at the checkout counter, giving us time to catch up on where life had taken us over the years. I spoke of the troubles, and failures I was having in my attempt to find "home based" work. It was then, that I noticed a smile growing across his face. Half confused and half curious... I timidly asked, "Um,..Why are you smiling?"

He replied, "I guess it was fate.. Us running into each other like this. I happen to be self employed, and working from out of my house for more than a year now." After a short pause to giggle, he then asked, "Would you like to know what I've been doing?".. No doubt, you have already guessed what my answer was.... @@

In short, what he then shared with me did nothing less than change my life! In the six months since then, I have managed to build a home based business that has brought in more money "this past month alone" than I had ever earned in "any two months prior combined" back when I did the old' 9-to-5 thing. All this while working at home, on average, about (2) hours a day.... And, Best of all, I get to be there for my son now when "ever" he needs me. As far as I'm concerned, that's priceless!


Learning about this system, and implementing its easy to follow - step by step home based business plan, has been such a blessing for both my self and my family. I have no doubts that it will do the same for anyone who can bring a little motivation, a willingness to put forth some effort, and a desire to be self employed in a "stress-free" home based business.

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Sincerely, Jim